Just wanted to touch bases with you. We are Teddy & Janell from Thibodaux, LA who bought a shaded English Cream long haired male from you about 2 months ago. Sammy is wonderful. He is so lovable and loves to be held and sits with Teddy in the easy chair. He sleeps with us, something we had never done with our past pets. He loves to sleep against either Teddy or I all night. He sleeps from 8:00 PM untill 6 AM.

He has beautiful coloring and we get so many compliments on him. The edges of his ears are dark as well as his tail. He is completely leash trained, crate trained and just about house trained. He can go a few days without having an accident. He loves to take a warm bath. He is just the perfect dog. He brings us such joy. He loves his toys but has not destroyed any. He loves to hear the squeak sounds of some of his toys and makes them squeak over and over and over. He loves to go on his daily walk around the neighborhood on his leash. He understands very well. Our vet said that he is one of the prettiest dachshunds she has ever seen.

Hi JackieJul 2017

It's Yvonne from Hollywood - Daisy. Just thought I would give you an update. Daisy is a very popular Hollywood dog. She's been admired by movie stars amongst others. Actually, she's admired by everyone everywhere we go. I have vacation rentals and she always has to go and greet them. She's been getting great reviews on the rental sites. She's has even made it into a few fashion shoots. She is very happy girl. Full of love. She squeaks when she's happy and whenever anybody comes in she squeaks like crazy. She also squeaks for new people. She's a fringe benefit of people of using this location. Salma Hayek wanted me to give her to her. I should've gotten a picture with Salma Hayek but she had her bodyguard along with the rest of her entourage and he was very cagey so I didn't want to ask. By the way, her Coat got darker and she's now a strawberry blonde. More towards strawberry then blonde. But whatever I take her, people stopping to admire her. She is the most popular dog I've ever had - probably because she just loves everybody. Just took her to the vet and the vet said she had very good genes so I have to give you full credit for that. Also, I cook for her so I think that keeps her healthy. I gave yourcontact information to one of the ladies on one of the crews because she really wants a dog like this one. Let me know how you were doing

Hey there! Just a little update from us :)Jan 2014

Mac is currently 5 lbs (already!). Also, he's all potty trained now & can sit on command. He is the most fun, playful, precious little pup! He has made my other dachshund so much happier also! And I can honestly say I couldn't be more pleased with purchasing my new addition through you. It has been such a great experience since bringing him home. So, thank you again!

Hi JackieJan 2014

I just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of our sweet boy. We named him Ted and we absolutely love him! We officially took him home on Christmas Eve 2012. He is now about 16 pounds, healthy and has it made! Thank you for taking care of him for his first 6 weeks. We love him very much!! Take Care, Chad and Erica

Hi JackieJan 2014

Great she is so healthy and about 5 pounds.....she gets into EVERYTHING...we are learning our manners and how to sit and stay she is doing so good and she's sooo smart....I'm afraid I spoil her to much so we are having a little trouble with separation anxiety but we are working on it. This pretty little girl lives in. Vicksburg, MS

A Loving Family and a Happy PuppyJan 2014

We just wanted to thank you again for blessing us with this little guy and catch you up on how he is doing! He has brought so much joy into our life and into the lives of our family and friends. Remy absolutely loves to be around people! He is a social boy and he is especially good with children. He always greets us with happy bounces! He also loves dogs as well, especially his friend Genny (a shihpoo) and his uncle Alex (another longhaired mini doxie)! He is also very smart. By 8 weeks he knew how to sit, stay, come, and shake! Now he can fetch, drop, lay down, and roll over. He loves to listen to us talk. We have also crate trained him and he has done so well. Also, he is nearly accident free in the house now He is a quiet boy. He rarely barks unless he is very frustrated or very playful! He also loves to give kisses.We absolutely love him and we thank you for producing such a great pup! Blessings, Beau and Bridget

Los Angeles CA
Reno NV
Mobile AL
Hattisburg MS
Baton Rouge LA

The Sweet 𝐋ife of Ella               2018

We met in Mississippi, and picked up this amazing puppy, Ella.
She loves her new home!!
She has so much grad to run and play in. She has already stolen everyone’s hearts.
There is no lack of people to spoil her. Within two days of her being home I’m pretty sure half the local high school and our daughter’s college, were coming out to see her.
She is almost old enough to go and have a puppiccino.
Ella sleeps in the bed with my husband and I. Some times, you will wake up and she may be on top of your head!
Her spunk is infectious. She has the cutest little belly.
She also loves to sleep, which is awesome!
She has had very few accidents at home. The few she’s had were due to my laziness!
She is well trained to go outside.
She has a collection of toys she sleeps with.
A stuffed squirrel, a pair of my reading glasses, a 2” paint roller, a sports brazier, a Dr. Pepper bottle, and a hacky sack!
She has only Er a few of he brothers and sisters. Our 14 year old chihuahua isn’t even been jealous! She’s completely indifferent. The big dogs outside won’t meet her for quite some time. They’re gentle giants, but she is still so very small!

We can’t thank you enough for such a healthy, loveable, amazing dog.
We can’t imagine what 𝐋ife was like without her.
Tony, Amy, Madison, Maison, and Tytan

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